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Thread: 19 Gents - we need your input

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    Lads, we are going to put together a list of people who want to take on the role of W/C, and the two X/Os of international squadron and ask if any of you want to take on these roles. These names will be put to a vote for everyone in EAF. So for now just post here if you are up for any of the jobs.

    I'll chuck my hat in and willing to take on any of these roles.

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    Default Re: 19 Gents - we need your input

    Sorry skipper and all EAF, I'm still not feeling the flight sim vibe right now. Wake me up when SEOW returns

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    Hi Classic,

    "Wake me up when SEOW returns."

    You'll have to tell us where they buried you and the appropriate incantation.



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    Good to hear from you and I guess it will be down to you to pull on your SEOW contacts if you want run one.

    Right now we getting more involved in CoD as you may have read and building up to a BoB campaign.

    Take care and hope everything is well with you and your family.

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    In past months i received invites from French community (Dieppe) and VarpThor (Kursk) but there was little response from EAF...

    Also CountZero has made the italian map 1:2
    HE hopes it will be included by 4Shades in Seow campaigns.
    It could be grat for an Italian Gothic Line campaign...

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    I will return to virtual active duty in about one week, two at worst case scenario (CloD, ROF and finally BOS once I get to actually fly it a bit more).

    Now how much time will I need to be truly useful as a wingman again is another matter, but I will sure do my best to attend any and all EAF flight sessions since I have a lot of free time at evenings, can fly every evening probably.
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    Great news mate and your a bit of a natural Cy, I know so not long at all.

    Follow the sticky thread about all you need to know about SOW in the War room for starters, get yourself up and running (literally) and maybe grab a Hurri (easier to land) from Watchfield supply airfield and take to our home base, at......I can't say in here see war room....., this is a right of passage for all new pilots and great for navigation practice. I'd suggest posting up in the main EAF pub on non flying nights for anyone about to join you. AX dogfighter server is good for just that, get your guns and ammo sorted and great to warm up on, see if you can set them on fire. SOW is great on Thursdays and Sundays, big event nights and during the week to practice taking down bombers and get a feel of the map. ATAG is another popular one and full real.

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