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Thread: Pax and his new Warthog!

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    Default Pax and his new Warthog!

    Hi Pax,

    How's the new Warthog doing, I've been looking at it lately but mainly a prop pilot (and some space sims) wasn't sure I needed all the buttons and not big into jets, so how are you finding it in Clod and any other stuff. What did you fly with before and what is the flight feel of the stick, is it lifeless compared to a Force feedback stick.

    It also costs a lot and is it worth it?



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    Default Re: Pax and his new Warthog!

    Very interested aswell!

    still waiting Nepe review also

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    Default Re: Pax and his new Warthog!

    I've bought the set just for 304 Euros. Though it's still a lot of money, but relitive cheap compared what I see from other.
    The biggest improvement is the flight stick itself (you can buy it solo to cut the expense) It's heavy and solid metal , but not to heavy in moving it. The moving is sharp as a knive and no need for a deadzone. For me my formation flying is 100% improved compared with the Saitek x52 pro and almost no need for trimming the plane.
    The throttle quadrant is solid and nice heavy. It stays like the flightstick on the desk where you've placed it. The switches are nice and sturdy. However some extra rotaries on the other hand would be nice.

    My conclusion is that it improves my handling of the plane and the quality of the Hotas. But yes it's a lot of money.

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    Default Re: Pax and his new Warthog!

    I've had my Warthog for over a year, might even be two now and I love it.

    For CoD (and all sims I have, inc Elite D) it works really well. The throttle has a left stick and a right stick for each engine for A10, but for CoD it's nice as you can have pitch on one and throttle on the other. This means you can fly the aircraft properly. The switches can be assigned to the magnetos and engine start.

    The stick feels really precise, way better than my X45. The stick is metal and feels really nice in the hand. I never had force feedback so don't miss it.

    For me there's no other Hotas on the market that is even close, even with the price tag.

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    Default Re: Pax and his new Warthog!

    Agreed with both. Mine, though, has a little deadzone that shouldn´t be there, but I don't notice it in flight.

    The stick is very stiff, your arm and wrist aches after some time. That's why I´m buying an extension to make it even more precise and less stiff.

    If it's too much money go for the stick only, I think it's much better than the throttle, which has no rotaries and is heavy as 20 bricks. But as Keets said, having prop pitch and throttle is nice.

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    Default Re: Pax and his new Warthog!

    Thanks that all helps. Do you get a better sense of flight compared to your last sticks or is it just a super smooth and precise stick? With FF I get a sense of the stick getting lighter as I approach a stall and heavier as I load the wings up. I did wonder if the springs worked well to give a sense of flight.

    Nepe I did find this about extensions when looking for reviews, -

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