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    I've been a fan of Elite since Bell and Braben's first release on the 8 bit machines in 1984. I last played Frontier on my old Amiga. Initially sceptical and having had my fingers burnt with BoS, I was cautious and missed the Alpha, but eventually the little kid in me made me jump in to the first Beta phase.

    The visuals and gameplay are stunning/jaw dropping. The game is now in the final throws before release and will be launched on Dec 16th. It's really polished and it's been a good experience seeing how an early adopter program should be run.

    I can't recommend this enough. If you've ever been a fan of Elite and still have a space explorers itch that needs scratching, you need to get this.

    Anyone else a space nut??

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    Me and my mate used to skip college so we could play the original elite, one of the best games ever gameplay wise. Really tempted with this release.

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    Never played Elite. How does it compare to Star Citizen?

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    Red face Re: Elite Dangerous

    Never got higher than Dangerous on the Commodore 64
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    im considering buying this...looks fantastic!

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    With my new cloaking device installed, I hyperspaced out only to get stopped half way between jumps and attacked by a giant mothership and her drones dropping from her bowls. I hit the cloak and the screen turned Blue and they just floated by confused as I blew the mothership to kingdom come. Smiling I collected all nine drones for a huge profit later. I became ELITE on that mission and remember that day now lying down in front of our "moderm" 3 channel TV and my ZX Spetrum and tape drive (and that weird red security thing you had to put on the TV to see what letters it was displaying, lol) I was just a kid but it was the start of my love of games and a career in IT eventually. Isn't it strange with just those wire graphics it all seems so real. On that note why aren't we all flying around in Cobras now, I always thought we would be....maybe my kids, kids..lucky buggers.

    I've got the beta but struggling with time to play right now, finished the basics so far but getting my butt kicked after that. Also a Star Citizen alpha fan and that should be massive with the 50+ million bucks it got so far, again no time and flying Cliffs more right now.

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    It is fantastic. I can't recommend it enough.

    @Nepe, I'm not sure the two compare. Elite is very much focused on the pilot viewpoint and multiple open ended ways of making money. Elite was ground breaking back in the 80's at a time when all computer games had three lives and "high scores". It shaped much of the gaming industry for what we have today, especially with regard space games.

    Like Starfire, I only made Dangerous on my platform - C64 after destroying the Constrictor. I spent hours and hours playing and making kills and never went above it. I didn't get offered the second mission (there was only 2)

    Thargoids I think your on about Matt. You could deliberately make your hyperspace drive chuck you into witch space on the C64, this was were you could always find Thargoids.

    I'll post some screenies if I get chance over the weekend. I'm not keen to invest too much time now as there's a wipe coming in two weeks or so before in prep for the main launch.

    Lots of content coming as well, planet landings....

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    That's the buggers Simon!!

    I was dangerous for ages but as soon as I got chucked into witch space for the first time and made it out alive I got promoted up. It was along time ago now and i may have got my cloaking device from a thargoid mothership. thinking back. I played as a bounty hunter when dangerous and having so much dosh I just started jumping into every anarchy system i could to get the kills up and take their cargo.
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    Some footage of me randomly driving about in a Cobra MkIII

    Played the first one on my old Amstrad and the second on my mate's PC.

    This is simply heaven for an old Elite nut!

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    I've not got enough cash for a Cobra yet. Two cannons - that could be expensive if you get into a DF.

    I'm still in my sidewinder and I should have an Eagle somewhere across the galaxy. What is your username, I'll add you in game?

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