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Thread: Sorry Baz, had to shoot...

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    Default Sorry Baz, had to shoot...

    Had to go and help with family stuff...good talking and I'll get you back in that Hurricane again mate, that's an order, lol. (from someone)

    Saying to Mram, shame his current SE is on a Wednesday, otherwise I'd and I'm sure others would be in.

    Good hearing Cy again and shooting stuff down as always, has he had the Op yet, I guess not if he's flying WW1 stuff, "its all about the rudder, no treble!!"

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    No problem Swoop. I think Jo was keen for some more ROF on his day off.

    As you've got rather more time this week than usual and want someone to team up with in CLOD, just let me know and I'll park my Hurricane at Hawkinge.



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    Good lad!!

    I'll take you up on that m8

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