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    Lads. There is a D Day celebration tomorrow slap bang next door to my house. I found it odd that there would be a celebration in what is now basically a pumpkin field. Talking to a work mate who has lived here all his life it is because there used to be Spitfires based there according to his mother. What? I thought. No chance! So I got in from work and trolled around and found this.

    Its Bognor ALG (Advanced Landing Ground) that served at its height during the D Day invasion.

    Its only a short article and it does have a small book attributed to it.

    Reading the text on the web page it says that 19,602 and 331 were based there, along with the crown prince of Norway pitching up in a tent with the Norwegian pilots.

    Until today I was totally unaware of this.

    Talk about on your door step!

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    Remarkable, Charlie.

    I knew 602 and 331 flew together on 6 June, but didn't know we were all based with 19...and the King...too.

    Good excuse to roll out the old EAF movie. 602 and 331 come in half way through over the fleets. 19's up at the start with 310 at the start

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    Nice find Charly.
    I love local history. I do it for myself as a hobby. Its unbelievable what histories are hidden in the past of your village, town & region.

    Joe, now I had to watch it again, what a masterpiece, the last scenes give goosebumps.
    Meeting you guys in Duxford & Italy was extraordinary!

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    Nice find Charlie
    Brilliant movie Joe, first time I have seen it

    Target 4 'o' clock low

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    The celebrations are due to begin today at 11:00 and finish at 16:00, with a Spit flypast at 14:30, weather permitting.

    Im gonna take a mosey on down there now and see if I can find out any more around the activities of 19,602 and 331 squadrons from this "pumpkin field"

    I'll post here later if I find anything significant.

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    I bought that book in the 1st post ( 3 quid ) and read the time lines of the squads that were based there. 19 and 602 co-habited the field for exactly one week 26 June to 2nd July 1943 before 602 were moved to Fairlop and 19 were moved to Newchurch. 331 and 332 along with 66 sqn arrived 31 March 1944 as part of the 2 Tactical Air Force-132 Norwegian Wing and launched their D Day campaign from there using 48 Spits on the morning of 6 June.
    Shortly after the intiial success of Overlord the Sommerfield Tracking that was used for runways was removed and taken to France where it was re used to make forward landing grounds.
    And pumpkins have reigned supreme ever since

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    Perhaps the RAF expected to... squash the enemy, should they ever return.



    My IL2 1946 website Balkans Campaign score

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    Cheers Charlie, very interesting slice of pumpkin and 19 history

    Baz, no comment other than save those jokes for our long jaults over the icy fields of Moscow, you might get a laugh then

    Oi Charlie, how come you've dropped from the campaign fella?

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