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Thread: RoF 2/6

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    Why am I missing from the stats??

    I damaged the halberstadt and then slowly spun in from low level, after being sniped but survived on our side of the lines.

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    Sorry Keets, I stole that Halberstadt...You kicked that beast preety good and it didn't take much work to finish its gunner and then it was easy target...I think you deserve that kill...Same to Puff, he started and I just finished his job...

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    No mate, it was yours, definitely as you delivered the critical damage.

    I wondered why I'm not in Brig's post mission report. It looks like I didn't fly it.

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    Because he did not paste log, but flight summary from PWCG, and there if you did not make a confirmed kill or did not get critically wounded or died, you don't show up.

    You are however listed in first line where it names flight pilots.
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    This mission was flown by Sqn Ldr Keets
    Sqn Ldr Puff
    Fg Off Brigstock
    Fg Off Osprey
    Fg Off Jojko
    Plt Off Cyclops
    Plt Off Splash
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    Doh! I missed my name at the top, I just looked at the list.

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    There'll be potatoes involved somewhere, I'm sure.

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