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Thread: Come'on Cy, join the Red army :)

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    Default Come'on Cy, join the Red army :)

    I've been trying to find out about your progress and access to the War room and good news, when Mikke gets a chance, HQ has agreed you should get that.

    In there you can see the current war mission, which I'm happy for you to enlist in, plus a chance to read the debriefs and get a taste of the immersive missions. Its a big plus part of being a fully fledged EAF pilot. So pass your last Nav session in whatever and find some disk space for IL2 again. We'll all start flying CoD and BoS more down the road, especially when we have an online campaign, but until then (and even after) IL2 SEOW war missions are about as good as you can get. (disclaimer - flying i16s up and down the map is slowwww...but good for navigation )

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    Default Re: Come'on Cy, join the Red army :)

    I have to agree with the Skipper on this. The immersion of a SEOW is second to none.

    It's not all just dogfights and blowing stuff up. There are logistical missions, recon and even pilot rescue missions. The best part? We all fly together in one form or another with objectives to achieve. The 2nd best part?.. I think it's waiting for the SEOW engine to crunch all the numbers and reveal the mission outcome. TS is tense, you can hear everyone clicking on the SEOW link in anticipation of the results being published.

    I think you will really enjoy it. 18 EAF pilots did on Wednesday

    Please reinstall IL2 m8.


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    Default Re: Come'on Cy, join the Red army :)

    Sorry fellas, I've really gave it some thought over and over whole last week, and simply put, it's too much trouble for someone that will soon depart to summer house for prolonged period.

    Also, I've lost interest in Il2:1946 since it's not alive enough for me to play it on daily basis (1 or 2 days a week is not enough for me to keep me hooked, or to get really good at it for that matter).

    There seem to be nothing else to do in IL2:1946 besides SEOW. There are no coops at evenings and HL seems to serve only to join one of two populated DF servers. And I am bored of DF servers where everyone is either in upper stratosphere or deep into own territory behind AAA, since I can't seem to find a soul in 40-50 min flight all over AcesOverEurope server.

    That conclude my final decision and partial reasons for abandoning IL2:1946, other part is of more practical matter, something I could solve with simple SSD purchase if I really wanted to get back to it, but I think I'll just rather invest that money into new GFX card once BOS gets released.

    Opposed to that I've got alternatives where I enjoy both, singleplayer and multiplayer.

    I've started to enjoy ROF more and more as I get to understand differences in WW1 and WW2 areal combat. Well main basics are the same, but as you dig deeper it's a very different set of defensive and offensive dog-fighting tricks one must learn to timely execute in order to stay on top, especially against bombers with human crew, much harder to win that battle then it is in WW2. I love it, it's so up close and personal .

    As for CLOD, not much to say except I like it much more then IL2:1946. Similar look & feel, just better flavor for me.

    Upcoming BOS on the other hand is making me really excited from what I've seen so far.
    I see many EAF people quite reserved towards it, but for me, it's already better for me then CLOD and 1946 combined. Well it was not at first, but after I took IL2 for a spin against ground target at sunset with heavy clouds with sounds cranked up as much as I could bear I was sold. Exciting times are coming and many flight hours to master all those new planes, looking forward to every minute of it...
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