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Thread: Anyone home?

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    Default Anyone home?

    Hey fellas,

    Where have you all vanished lately?

    I know Swoop is on the vacation (cheeky bastard enjoys while the rest of us work ). But I don't see any of you lately.

    Will try to be on Teamspeak every evening from now on, usually after 20:00 CET, in case someone is up for some flying. Tonight can do only IL2:1946, ROF and COD still require some fine tuning of controls before I can jump in online with those. Hope to sort it all out over weekend so I'm ready for any game by next week.

    "Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen." - Edward V. Berard.

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    Default Re: Anyone home?

    Hi Cy!

    They should be about somewhere.. I'm on extended leave until mid April. Got some work stuff and also a trip planned. Be back mid April and can fly then during your day..


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    We are about in sorts Cy. I'm working a lot this month (grab it whilst you can mentality at the mo), Bazs' computer went tits up but he should be good next week hopefully and Classic will most certainly be back as soon as the new SE begins.

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    Well it's all fine, just checking in to see what is going on.

    As for Baz, at least he will get better machine to fly on, so there is something good in everything (expenses aside, who counts ).
    "Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen." - Edward V. Berard.

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    I'm just back from a windy Lanzarote and will be patching stuff up tomorrow, got to try the new version of CoD. Better start getting some practice in for Moscow.

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    Dont forget to register for the Moscow SEOW on the PA forum.

    So far I can only see Classic & me from 19. It looks like it will begin in April. All blue slots are taken by the French community which leaves the red slots available for anyone else and they are being filled pretty quick, so get yourselves registered asap. That's an order


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    Cheers for the link Charlie, after a confusing journey and not letting me use my google email, I've rejoined.

    Cyclops and any others joining this party?

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    I'm about tonight Skipper. I have downloaded the latest TF patch for Clod but haven't installed it yet as I'm not sure what to do ( the empty cache stuff etc ). So if you're about on TS any chance of talking me through it?

    Also don't forget to download the Operation Taifun patch v1.4 from the PA website as we will need it for Moscow.

    Hope to catch you later.



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    Honestly, I have not used IL2:COD yet except for one or two test flights to see if game works. Got it patched up and game looks and runs really nice.

    I'd actually like to join in for the sake of company, but not sure how good idea is it to jump into serious game without a single hour of playing it. Tried it yesterday, but could not even find single player mission where I can take off and land to practice. Everything I started was air start, who's idea is that for a hard core sim game?
    "Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen." - Edward V. Berard.

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    Lads, stuck having to work late tonight so doubt I'll be getting on!!

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