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    I've decided to make some ROF combat training this weekend (it's sunny now but forecast says it's going to rain over weekend, meaning more indoors time).

    Will focus on DF and shooting part and to do that will join less realistic server with labels on and mixture/radiator on automatic, simply to avoid combating controls and to get into fight asap so I can get this WW1 flight model figured out. Surviving combat in WW1 planes seems a whole new challenge, especially with this cheeky Camel that likes to spin out on me at worst possible times when I already think I've won the fight .

    If some of you don't mind step back in realism just for practice, you're welcome to join in and I'd really like company and advice.
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    Check out this chaps vids and settings - he's a legend - Requiem

    For the new Il2 - Bos -

    Or where it all started - Rof
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    Thx Swoop, I'll check it out as soon as I got some free time.

    But as in everything, theory and practice are not the same but you need both to master something. And I really like ROF a lot, there is something extra in flying those early planes. Those guys must have had ballz of steel (Duke Nukem size and shape ) to go into combat in such planes and no parachute
    "Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen." - Edward V. Berard.

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    If you like that, check out the book Winged Victory (thanks Paf) with flying officer Tom Cundall in Camels. I remember him describing his first flight solo in a Camel and it spinning on his first left turn, luckily at height. He found it was always sidesliping never able to fly straight, with the powerful but light rotary pulling it to the right. The tail was so heavy that if you relaxed on the stick, she would rear upwards. 30% of the first solos crashed and he only just got her down.
    After three months of hard flying you had either mastered her or were dead.
    There's me thinking how brave these lads were and he feels the same about the pilots before him, in bits of string doing loops.

    Do check out the vids, they are so well put together and educational for each aircraft you'll learn loads. You can then go and practice some of the things he shows. From basic ACM, spins, etc to advance 2v1 etc attack. Also very useful about setting up you guns view correctly which I didn't know about. Also TIR profiles!
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