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Thread: For Cyclops re war mission

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    Default For Cyclops re war mission

    Hi Cyclops,

    Talking with Mikke your access to the War room, etc has gone due to you being away so long, but I'm arguing your case to not resit the training again as I feel you can do this in our SE training on Mondays and in the actual SEs due to level I feel you are at now. It Mikke's call so I'll let you know.

    Meanwhile in the war right now -
    Ok just a reminder...

    tomorrow we'll have the 4th mission...
    still no briefing will update it as soon as 102 post it...

    Since 102 is not reserving slots we go by the rule first come first fly
    So better come a little earlier

    who's in?

    Do you want me to put your name down?

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    Default Re: For Cyclops re war mission

    No worries about all that Swoop, I'm back and got the time so lets just stick to protocol whatever it is.

    As for mission, I will pass tonight, just hooked my pedals for first time and I am all over doing crazy stuff like twisting stick and when nothing happens I remember and then push wrong leg (must be MTB thing, in MTB you push in opposite leg from turn to do proper downforce grip ).

    I just feel I need slightly more time to adjust (not to mention HOTAS arriving in 2-3 days, means another thing to get used to that I never had). I came from simple twist stick to all this TrackIR + pedals+ hotas, trust me I fight myself and my habits more then I fly atm. Just need couple of casual fights over next week or two to get used to it all, in fact, ROF seems like perfect game to learn in, it's heavy on the rudder.
    "Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen." - Edward V. Berard.

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    Default Re: For Cyclops re war mission

    I must add one update regarding this.

    Ok it is still too early to judge, but I did have 2-3 hours of pure air start DF yesterday to test pedals a bit and I must say I'm loving it.

    But I must be honest here, a good twisting pot outclass pedals in precision when just little rudder is needed (probably because hand movement is more precise to start with, adding S curve to pedals helped a bit in center precision but the fact I never even thought of doing that with a twist axis says enough).

    However, to be that precise with twist, one has to have both hands on the unit and that exclude all benefits of HOTAS (it's not about desk slipping, you can glue joystick to desk, you'll still twist more precise when you place other hand on the base on the stick). As soon as throttle unit comes in the equation, twisting is not so good any longer, and even fatigue from awkward positions hand ends up in while twisting seems more pronounced in HOTAS setup as opposed to single joystick.

    On the other hand, immersion and fun factor is much better when using pedals. And probably even precision is better when using full HOTAS, since I personally can never do such small twist increments and be in control of them as soon as I remove other hand from the base of the device.

    I'm just sorry I did not get pedals years ago because it really adds a lot to the whole 'simming thingy'. But back then internet shopping was science fiction for my country since paypal did not want to deal with fresh out of war country and it's institutions. It's a bit lame but such is business and corporate world

    Bottom line is I'm quite enjoying all this now, it's childhood all over again for me (ok, ok, toys are more expensive now ). Can't wait for my CH HOTAS to arrive, even tho this oldish X45 I borrowed is quite nice as well.
    "Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen." - Edward V. Berard.

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    Default Re: For Cyclops re war mission

    You'll get use to the rudders and I'm very precise with them now. It made a big different for my shooting skills, landing and just booting her around.

    I'm still a big kid like most in here.

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