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    I was about to get WARTHOG recently since I had a really good deal, under 260€ for a brand new never used set. But I've dropped it due to some complicated warranty procedure since it was straight from factory and not from shop, and getting it fixed might be a bit complicated later on if anything goes wrong.

    Now since then, I kind off cooled down from that HOTAS since I've read a lot it has quite hard moving and button press resistances to replicate real thing and I kind of don't want that in WW and Space sims (those realistic modern age sims that sit in between these extremes don't interest me enough).

    So I've looked up what else is there and given the features and budget value I've come down to these two choices. I am interested what some of you would recommend:

    1) CH Pro ruder & Fighterstick combo. Proven but a bit dated design with no rotary function on either stick or throttle unit. But people say it's really well built. My main fear here is that fighterstick is considered to be quite large and not sure if it will be ok to reach most functions for smaller to medium size hand.

    2) Saitek new model comming in about 1 month, suppose to be slightly better then their x52pro - - my main fear here is build quality. Heard Saitek had issues and a lot of ppl did some modding of x52 hotas, not sure I'd like to fiddle with brand new unit.

    P.S. I own CH pedals if that matters at all (maybe some games need just 1 unit and having all CH hardware makes it possible, but not sure it's any of games I will be playing so probably not a deciding factor.

    Any opinion from someone that used both, CH and Saitek HOTAS would be most welcome since I believe X55 will be more of evolution then a revolution from their older models. Looks feature rich tho and both, X55 and CH set would cost me about 200€ give or take euro so they are exact match regarding price.
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    I have the CH Fighterstick, Pro Throttle & Pro Pedals.The build quality and reliability of CH will always be a hard act to beat, they are pretty tough cookies. What I dont like are the size and inevitably the ergonomics of the's big making the thumb buttons virtually unreachable without sliding your hand upwards. Infact I only use 1 of the top 4 buttons purely because of this. There are 2 rotaries on the throttle that you can use for trims etc, and all buttons are featherlight to use, infact the trigger is too light in my opinion and only has about 1.0-1.5mm of travel before it fires. The throttle is also big but it is much easier to slide your hand around it than the stick. Another thing about the stick is that there is no way of altering its tension and also obviously no ffb.

    I have never used the X55 but a few things I noticed is that you can alter the spring tension, it also looks like it has an adjustable hand rest at the bottom (something the Fighterstick could most definately do with) and for what its worth if ever your pedals packed up you could use the sticks twist function. Also the X55 split throttle looks ideal for twin engined aircraft whereas the CH throttle is a one piece controller

    Just my tuppence worth.


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    Default Re: HOTAS choice

    You could get the throttle quadrant instead of the pro throttle. I have it and it is very good IMO.
    It has six levers. One or two can be used as throttle, another for prop pitch, radiator and finally one for pitch trim. That leaves you with a spare that can be used for whatever you want. I like the idea of having a lever for pitch trim as I can immediately see and feel where it is set.

    Good luck shopping.

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    Thanks for the insight guys, after some conversation with Baz and Charlie on TS yesterday I went for CH combo at the end.

    With fighter alike throttle, think it's going to suit me better to have one with buttons and hats on it for space sims I plan on playing as well (Elite: Dangerous and/or Star Citizen), but still thank you for good suggestion Apollo.

    I like simplicity and general consensus about it's durability everyone praises. Plus I really like the idea I can combine all 3 devices into single virtual controller and then just use it because simpler games (like BF series for example) might have an issue with setting up more controllers at once.

    Well that is done deal and now just wait 3-4 days for it to arrive and then sweet work starts with setting it up, fine tuning and getting used to it all. But that part is not work, it's fun
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    I went all CH and have no complaints 12+ years on and running on the same rudders and my second throttle. I like the sound of the quadrant and might be tempted if this packs up as I now use full real in my favourite sims. I changed from the CH stick as I just love my MS Force feedback 2 and the feel it gives and closer to when I flew gliders.

    I also like the ease using the ch manger for programing.

    Will be perfect all rounder Cy, for space sims too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swoop EAF19 View Post
    I like the sound of the quadrant and might be tempted if this packs up as I now use full real in my favourite sims.
    This is next on buy list, but will wait for some good deal since it's not essential. But the idea to have extra analog levers (mixture, radiator, pitch and even trim) positioned somewhere beside CH pro throttle sounds quite tempting.

    But i wouldn't like it as replacement for pro since having some buttons and hats under left hand seems to important factor to prevent reaching for keyboard in flight (something i really wish to avoid or minimize in close future).
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