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    Great fun and good to be back in DayZ.
    Spent a few hours today living and dying with the boy.

    My Character:

    Here's Johnny.....

    and the boy (only youth would where shades with a motorcycle helmet)

    Its so much more of a survival game now. You die a lot, but become braver initially until you get "stuff".
    The new inventory interface is way better than in the mod.

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    Is this running on the ARMA 2 or 3 engine? Whats that little Keets has on his Back a Brown Bess?
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    It's based on the ARMA II engine, but you'd not notice as it's been changed so much.. They've much improved things, written a sort of crafting system which allows you to make things.

    An example would be that your character starts with clothes. I got hit by a zombie and started to bleed, so took of my t-shirt and tore it into rags and bandaged myself with them. This is why I only have a white vest on.

    Mini Keets is carrying a Mosin Nagent rifle. He found a scope and a bayonet, which makes it 18 inches or so longer. He's also got a shouldered fire axe.

    The map has changed as well, there's now a new military base and much of the villages and towns have more detail in them.

    Lots of bugs still, but it's alpha.

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