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Thread: OC first impressions with BOS - part 2

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    Default OC first impressions with BOS - part 2

    part 2 -
    Next flight. Well, you get the idea. Earth is really far away. The aircraft is indeed real. It is not a picture. Muddy, blurred, pixel - BUT NOT PICTURE! While I mastered the review, loft flew the plane. At one point, he bucked his nose and threw the plane into a tailspin. I honestly felt backward congestion over the gut. I jerked the stomach, the whole world turned upside down and spun me around. Awesome. Once again, I felt like performing complex stunts. And when the plane came out of the spin and in the eyes I still keep this thing moving - Loft drove his car in a high peak-to-earth. I involuntarily tried to stretch his elbows on his cabin wall because I was scared and thought I was going to fall, not to mention the horror is rapidly approaching land. Wow ....... out of the dive at low altitude. Crazy speed, flickering under the wing of land, which is directly under the wing of a village swept the rooftops. Actually compresses the point where everything is for the first time.

    Loft took up steeply and I went black consciousness. No. not as dark as it gets dark you monitor, and everything else stays with you. Here, when the dark - you remain in darkness. ie really. I physically felt like I sucks overload, my ego-pilot headphones grunted and breathed hard. His eyes brightened. Class!

    Switched on appearance. I took a long look from all positions flying Messer. Oh What a beautiful chertyaka. Opened it and brought so that the wing tip was right in my face. And not because I see it on the monitor - the monitor that nelya feel as if you do not put out snuck out of the screen - it still does not get through to him And here - a huge wing was floating in the air in front of my face, I looked at navigation lantern and I wanted to grab hold of the ending and hang in the air on a flying airplane.

    Then me, dropping the lamp, thrown out of an airplane. With the appearance - the pilot (as we have already seen) flew up from the plane missed the keel between the legs and flew off into the distance, where very naturally opened the parachute and hung on slings. Switched to the parachutist. I raised my head and looked at the dome. This is a true dome! I have a lot of jumps in the past, and just stared spellbound up and could not believe it .... Loft wanted to finish the mission, but I asked to fly to the ground, very much like to remember these feelings, when you are hanging in the sky in complete silence and the land slowly on the rise, approaching. Again orgasm! Faster and faster until I swam across the bumps - and oh, how can you not have enough to see your feet! And here it is! I clearly saw his approach, I involuntarily strained his feet and was ready to feel the blow, and when knocked to the ground - I almost fell off my chair. I stood in the middle of bulk drifts and watched as the side, against the setting sun, made up my dome. And the wind howls softly drifting snow.

    Next in line Lugg. But I will not describe the feeling again. I will say that the lag slightly roomier cabin, and it really felt. Although the view out the same fig. From what remember - is when I opened the loft light and the wind whistled in the cockpit, then if the loop I involuntarily shrank from a chair, fearing that high fall out of the cab. Then I moved over the frozen river feeling, what on earth did a huge difference in the rates after the RUF.

    After I still happen. Loft said that I was one of the first to see a working cockpit Silt. This is even after Lugg - truck. IL really big. And how nice to see and feel broneperegorodku left and right. I tried to touch her hand, so it was material.

    Further, it was even steeper. I rushed to the fresh air in the cabin arrow. Wind whistled and I felt naked. I sat on the tape, screwed to the sides of the plane, I was extremely uncomfortable in his hands was a huge machine gun. I tried to grab his arms and deploy, and it seems at this point drove Loft in the eye, he's just practicing dodging all those close to him now puts Oculus Rift and starts waving his arms He now this skill will come in handy many times.

    What else to write. I was asked to get a feel for the shooter himself, and began to poke Loft on the Ile Rousse. I gave him the right catchphrase. Well you guess what

    While I was flying - I was seasick.

    On the ground it was not possible to take off and time. So what about the feeling of the ground on take-off and landing can not say. But judging by the RUF, in stereo ground felt much better.

    Well honey I poured enough, and not to think everything that I proplachenny agent Oculus Rifta - I'll list all of its major disadvantages, which I was able to see and understand.

    The first and certainly the most important - it's the resolution. The overall feel of the cabin is excellent. Fly just fine. But if you want to use Okulis in combat, as long as it is not realistic. Plane at a distance of more than a hundred meters turns almost into a spot and fight in such conditions is likely unrealistic. We will wait, we will offer the final version with FHD resolution, and how it will be better. I very much hope that

    the effect. Because like everything else, and if the resolution will ruin everything - it will only fly. Fight the same - no.

    Second - this processing delay matrix and signal transduction. What it is. In itself OkulisRift built-in sensors turn and head movements. And they work smartly enough. If you look at the monitor (and not the eyepieces Okulisa) is a reaction to the movement of the head is quite instant and adequate. But inside the helmet - the image is long overdue. That is, image on the monitor and in the helmet not identical. As a person I knew this moment - a problem in the transmission of video over USB and unpacking it at the Okulise (Upd. not want to mislead anyone. Pro USB is purely speculation on my part. Here I wrote about it) Picture is formed, processed and transmitted to the helmet. But it is delayed because of the very helmet. They say this problem are struggling and promise to fix. How will it be in the future - only time will tell.

    The third problem - it's sensors. If the position (pan and tilt) work more or less well, here's how to work the acceleration sensors to track the movement of the head - it's not clear to me. Again - the promise to make a real 6DOF but personally I do not believe it. Likely to compromise. Or imitation, or will use TrekIr, just like old times.

    The fourth problem - which I think is in some degree a plus - without training - swayed. Even now I'm writing this, and feeling a little sick so far failed. Feeling - if I take a ride on the carousel in the amusement park, and there I was seasick, but not sick. It seems to have, and do not ride, and a lump in my throat so far There is probably due to the fact - that too is real dive. indeed. Everything that happens on the screen is perceived so seriously that our brain tries to respond instincts. And falls in dissonance with the cerebellum and eyes. Most of all - it's possible to train like I trained my eyes to catch a stereo image sharpness in all conditions. But for now, yes, nauseated.

    The fifth problem - it's the complete closure of the review. That is, yes - wearing a helmet - you will not see anything more. They say - that in future models promise to come up with something, with a hinged lid down. And yet - Loft me like a blind kitten took the hand and poked her in the joystick. Otherwise I would not have found it.

    And of the advantages that I also want to add - helmet really easy. I expected that I would strongly feel it on my head. But no, this I just did almost no attention. Helmet VFX1 probably weighed every 5 more.

    In any case - is still very much depends on the implementation and support of Oculus the game. At CES - everything just on top. No glitches, no leaping shadows, beautiful parallax, adjustable viewing angle, perfect model of the aircraft. CES - is ready Okulisa advertising - and I hope it is and will be!

    Well. This is my first impression. And I want to write IMHO. I, personally I took it as his first meeting with Oculus Rift. I have not written a single line here lies or advertising. This is just my experience. Perhaps each of you by trying to make Rift in my opinion. And I'm sure - that not all coincide with mine. Again, I repeat - I was tuned to the acquaintance was very skeptical, and was just pleasantly surprised. I'm afraid that after reading this review, you will be expected from the helmet of something more, and then tried - disappointed. I want to protect you from this. Tune in for the worst - to allow, log, nausea .... Then we'll see.

    But one thing is certain. If it really will sell for up to $ 500 - I'm not even going to think about, I take it or not. Definitely yes. I'll be there just to fly. I cast a spell just the feeling of presence. And let me break eye - but the pleasure I get. I'm in this for sure. A day earlier - was not ...

    My, again personal, opinion is. Okulis will bomb. Even if you do not buy it - he gets so widespread that in any case - each of you will be able to try it or where. Whether it's from a friend, or in the lounge, or in the store. But Okulis Rift will live and grow.

    Well, as long as he remembered - everything. I hope you liked the review.

    Thank you all for your attention (they loved, press the arrow greenbacks Up)

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    Default Re: OC first impressions with BOS - part 2

    Interesting, thanks Swoop.

    Sounds like maybe mid-2014 this might be worth considering?

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    Default Re: OC first impressions with BOS - part 2

    I'm sold

    I raised my eyes at the line where he mentions get nausea when in a spin. But I suppose if your brain thinks you're spinning around and around, then the result is obvious.
    Saying that, how real is that!!!
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    Default Re: OC first impressions with BOS - part 2

    Sounds like the start of something...

    I like the fact that the guy was really sceptical before he put it on. The depth he sees all around him, reaching out to touch the dial, face up against the cold glass looking at the wing and just the feeling being of chucked about.

    Can't wait to hear further about the HD version, plus BOS developed further to use it. I want one!!

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    Default Re: OC first impressions with BOS - part 2

    I got nausea just running around and driving a car a bit, so it's not only related to spins. For me it was like the first time I played my first '3D' game, Wolfenstein . I guess you get used to it with a little time.

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    Default Re: OC first impressions with BOS - part 2

    sony to make a competitor of OculusRift...

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