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Thread: DCS Sale: Starts 20th - 30th June 13

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    Me too, she is a tough Bird to land, she seems to drop right out of the sky when you increase power to get yourself out of a jam.
    Part of this sudden drop with the increase in collective is the Vortex Ring State (VRS) which needs tweaking, Huey is still Beta remember. - Read here for more info on transition into hover from level flight.

    Having the "increase/decrease" RPM switch helps as well as you can increase the rotor RPM and override the governor.

    I've been practising taking off, transition to level flight and back to hover again. Once you can do that smoothly, landing is slightly easier as you can lose a nice bit of height in normal flight and then transition to hover at a lower altitude.

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    Couple of screenies from last night.

    "Da daa da da daaa daaaa..."

    Damage model test

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