Hiya Arturo,

good to have you back m8, big beer for you......

Kind Regards


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Hello Brigstock,

I don't know, am I back or not I fly online regularly now, several evenings in the week, on www.warbirdsofpray.org servers. Spit_vs_Bf109 Mod and now, more in Zeke_vs_Wildcat servers. Mostly because I use 4.10.1m and UP3 RC4, I don't have HSFX. My intent was to re-establish my fighter skills and I estimate that pre-pause level is reached by now.
Now, after creating CoD and HSFX servers, I will look to update my Il-2. I like www.warbirdsofpray.org because of possibility quick in - quick out option. Jump in, fly some missions and back to real life .
I still have problem with organised flying on EAF nights, especially in September (Mo and Thu evenings are busy 20:30 to 22:30); from end of October situation might be more favorable.
RoF installed, not used.
Hopefully EAF will create policy how to deal with such irregulars as me. Definitely I am not ready to make major contribution of time as T/O, therefore by all means agreee with downgrading to P/O