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    If you already got a HSFX6.0.0 installed it is easy to update

    1. Install HSFX_Version_6_0_Patch_1
    Torrent can be found on our FTP under HSFX6

    2. Install HSFX_Auto_Updater.exe
    Updater can be downloaded from our FTP an can be found in the folder HSFX6

    3. Run Updater "HSFX_Client_Updater.exe" in your HSFX6 folder (root folder of HSFX6)
    Be aware that the name of the updater is not the same as the installation of the updater file!

    The updater will install to the latest patch. (If not restart the updater until you have it. You might have to restart the game between updates.)
    It will even change the setting in the JGSME to the right ones for the installation.
    After the update is done you need to start JGSME and re-select History mod and Expert mode
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