Hi Thor

I tested the Carrier wars and Isles of Doom maps without any AI. It turns out that in my server the Carrier wars map runs with a few more frames than the Isles of Doom.

The fact that the map was unplayable for me must have another cause. I don't know why but we should give both maps a try. Without any AI for the dogfights with Seyou.

It would be nice to have a separate version of a dogfight for 2 to 4 humans against 4 AI on a higher skill level (Veteran + ace awareness + ace visiblilty) with more waypoints set to free hunt.

Now something completelly different:

I have a Fender Bandmaster reverb at home here. I call it the Bandmonster because it is so big. I only play on my other amp, the Fender Champ. I want something small with some more possiblities like reverb. Most of the time it is called the Fender Princeton reverb. But it could be smaller. A Champ reverb

Seems that I am not the only one thinking about that. An example from Australia:

Is a nice read. But I am not touching any high voltage electronics until I learn more about safety.