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    Had a great fun yetserdaym thx guys!
    very immersive and the dog vs 2 Spit was a hell of swearing intensive emotional situation...a part when Im exploded

    You 2 flought extremely well, always sticked togheter..i tried 2-3 times to separate you diving ..but no way...unfortunately

    Im ready for next training on COD, give me a call


    "ocio che te copo"

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    Cheers and thank you.

    Like all other EAF you are allways welcome
    Had great fun too and me it was the first time of some structured and cooperated flying experience in COD. Chapeau! Thor how you allways manage to stay on my wing with that unpredictable, impulsive flying of me

    Like you said, Seeyou, the SA is often very difficult to spot bogey's below. When you dove away it was most luck that we spoted you. On the other hand the 6 DOF helps the SA alot, can't imagine to fly without it anymore.

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