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    Thank you for being our host this evening .
    It showed CoD has a future. Now hoping they resolve the most important bugs and performance issues. But we have to keep in mind that it won't be in the near future, so Il2 1946 is still the one we have to deal with.

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    what? Did Thor host a CoD mission?
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    I did not see any servers in the Internet connection tab. Why? After I googled and found that 127.x.x.x was a loopback to our own PC's we manually entered Thor's IP-adress and off we went.

    We played on the the Island of Doom map where the AI bombers kept crashing into the Mountain of Doom. I was never able to get a shot into a Heinkel 111 because of that. And the framerate of a slideshow on very low settings on my PC was not helping either.

    For now it is IL-2 1946 again. I am just starting to think about a new PC and I am not in a "Hurri".

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