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    Hy Guys,

    I'm not able to fly lately.
    Now i have a problem. There are busy times coming for me...
    So for this year it will be very hard to take care of my T/O function.
    I will try to hop in for a chat late at the evening.

    I will post this also in the Command section

    Sorry guys, I will make this up in 2010 with shooting you up. because i miss the flying

    I will try to keep on practicing in the weekend. and maybe upload some tracks of my training.

    Grtzzz from a sad Cooper

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    Default Re: absence Cooper

    Hey Coop, get you things sorted and report back for flying duty asap! Your squadron needs you!


    No problem, I will take care of it!*

    * Pierre Closterman, The Big Show.

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