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Thread: Stats pages - dogfights

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    After consulting with Mikke it sounded like a good idea to include EAF in Warbird of Prey Squadron Stats

    This was the reply from Faust

    [QUOI am happy to add EAF to the Warbirds of Prey stats. I will get to it this evening. Please note that any squad members who have not flown on any Warbirds of Prey servers until now will not be added as they are not in our database. If any pilots fall into that category, or if you get a new member to your squadron, you will need to send me a message with their names so that I can add them.TE][/QUOTE]

    As I do not know who was flying on there servers if you do not appear on Squadron Stats let me or Faust know and one of us will add your name


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    Good work Stevie!

    "The more thy sweat in training,
    The less thy bleed in combat!"

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