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Joint Ops Virtual Flying School

Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 2: Leave your Ego at home

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I am in that unlucky situation that I am the only student at this class, so for this session I ended up having have the fulltime attention of two instructors. This is not necessarily a bad thing (I managed to benefit from it).
The first hour of my three hour lesson yesterday went with theory. Joint-Ops have access to a virtual blackboard in which they can run slideshows. The tech is old but quite useful. Before we started the blackboard session we went over my previous flight experience with virtual flightsims. As they considered me an experienced virtual pilot they informed me that they would be a bit more technical than usual and so they were.
We went over subjects as parasitic drag, induced drag lift, gravity, power, torque, P-factor, primary control surfaces, secondary surfaces and a lot of procedural stuff I have forgotten now. In more than one I was surprised that I was in error. I have indeed come back to school
As I said before, my experience had the result that they just increased their expectations.

After a break we went on flying and I immediately screwed up. I hit fly....which I specifically have been told not to before they called ready. Bummer!
My first exercise where circuit training on the field of Caen. They use the A6M 1940 as their primary training aircraft, According to the instructors it flight model feels are similar to the T-6 Harvard, where as the T-6 Harvard in the game is based on the Dauntless . You cannot argue against people with real experience in a type, but I really hate the flight model of the Zeke.
Although the I wasn't entirely satisfied with my own performance the instructors where please and after my first touch and go they increased my workload by adding voice communication with the tower.
Welcome to my new callsign!!! "Victor-Six-One-Four Foxtrox Echo on final at Caen 200 request permission to land".
Although my final landing was a bit bumpy the instructors where quite satisfied. There are used to pilots who have just pulled the game out of the box.

After that one of the instructors showed me a lot of basic aerobatic manoeuvres; Half loop over, Half loop under, loop and barrel roll without use of rudder. They use that for control training.
"Control! You must learn Control, Luke"
- Yoda (Star Wars V)

When I came to the barrel-roll I really fucked up. Although I have an advanced setup for Warthog HOTAS were I can change in flight between three different axis profiles, none of them where really good for low speed aerobatic manoeuvre in an aircraft like the Zeke; But I promised to make it so for the next training session on Friday. Basically I used 1½ hour on doing barrel rolls and only got successful at the last 10 min. Not perfect, but acceptable for the instructors, so I was dismissed with the message that I need to train that as well. Before we parted I was warned that there would be an open book written test on Friday

A few words of advice if you enrol at JO:
If you hear a statement that the P-51 in real life could turn inside a late-war 109(G-6, G-10, K) let it be!!!

They use Sir and Mister a lot as a courtesy. There are nothing sub-ordinate about it nor in their voice but they use it all the time even among them self's. So use it. It shows respect
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  1. Nepe EAF51's Avatar
    Great reading. Thanks!

    Can we have a track of a correct barrell-roll, please? :-)
  2. Starfire_EAF331's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nepe EAF51
    Great reading. Thanks!

    Can we have a track of a correct barrell-roll, please? :-)

    I have, but UP3 will not leave me any control when track are rolling. I can't even get Esc to work. I have to got to the taskmanager and crash it