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Joint Ops Virtual Flying School

Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 1: Readiness

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Since some of you have been asking for a brief on my experience on Joint-Ops Virtual Combat School I will blog of it as often possible.

Five years ago when I was looking for a Sqd to join, I found Joint-Ops (JO). As this was not a Sqd I wandered on wowing to myself that I would get back as soon as possible; But have never imagined that it would take me five years get the time to enroll.

What does it takes
Enrolling for training at JO is not to be taken lightly. It requires commitment. It requires time. It requires punctuality.
If you miss a session you are washed out and must reenlist. Basic training takes three weeks with three sesssions a week with flying for three hours. It also require practice and study outside session.

It have been more than six weeks since I enrolled for Basic Flight School at Joint-Ops Virtual Flight school.
During this time the level of information have been quite high worthy of a professional webshop.
Their mails have included direction and instruction of stuff to download and install. It also informs of what to expects and what Joint-ops expects of me as a student.
Every week I have received a new email about the coming course; Just to remind me of the start of my course ;-)

Today I finally had my first session at Joint-Ops.
My first session was a Student Enrollment Processing Session. A you might already have deduced already, there were no flying. SEPS are to ensure that the students have all the necessary equipment and information that it works. That way time won't be wasted on the first flying session.
I logged in on their website and was greeted on their chat by one of their processing officers. After giving me a lot of information in a chat on how to proceed I logged on to their TS server. It took a few minutes before I was picked up by another instructor. A guy with a really thick American accent and a lot of humour.
I had expected his behaviour to be very strict, but he was doing everything to make me relax. It was really pleasant and he talked me through several small TS exercises, gave me my student registration/callsign number. We also went over their website and downloaded a shitload of papers I will have to read. Finally we checked that my version of IL-2 worked with their server.
During this session I found that the JO was actually founded by two guys with real instructor experience from US Airforce and It seemed that my American instructor have real flying and instructor experience.

Since all my stuff were checked out without problems we were finished in an hour and 15 min. An I am already looking forward to wensday
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  1. EAF602 Red's Avatar
    Well done Starfire.....looking forward to reading more

  2. Nepe EAF51's Avatar
    Over the yearsI also have considered joining. But never found the time.

    thanks and keep us in the loop
  3. Marsh EAF19's Avatar
    Sounds fascinating; thanks for the blog updates and good luck for the course