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[Offensive BFM] Corner speed and 1/2 circle fight

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(Edit by Nepe: this series of posts have been edited and moved from the [Training Schedule] thread, so they are not forgotten.)

I would like to introduce "CORNER SPEED" into your skill set. perhaps all of you do this already, but I have done some testing with our aircraft and here are my findings.

F6F3/5: Vcorner 210-230 KIAS/Vsust 150-160 KIAS
F4F3/4: Vcor 200-230 KIAS/Vsus 160 KIAS
P51D: Vcor 270-290 MPH/Vsus 180 MPH

A6M5: Vcor 180-200 KIAS(must use pitch trim)/Vsus 130 KIAS
J2M3: Vcor 210-240 KIAS/Vsus 150 KIAS

I used the crimea map. No cockpit view with G-meter and Flight path vector. I tested max G and took it to between buffet and red G numbers. This is also when blackout slowly began.

I would like us to do some testing of MAX performance turns. We will have speed bar available where you can see your speed and when you are at your G limit.

Setup: Same aircraft(F6F) 1 v 1 merge, two circle turn(nose to tail), followed by one circle turn(nose to nose).

Test 1:Bandit aircraft will fly a level turn at 90% power. The Fighter will use max power and be at corner speed. Use oblique(descending) turn to maintain speed if necessary.

Test 2:Bandit aircraft will fly a minimun radius turn at Vsus. the Fighter will max perform and use misaligned turncirlces to get a gun kill solutinon.

Objective:: To see the angles gain when using max performance turns(V corner) vs level and min radius turns. Also to test if missaligned turn cirlces are useful to get gun solution. We want to get used to how the F6F performs at Corner speed and how long we can max perform the aircraft.
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