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How to attack with 4 aircraft(Division)

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Thanks for all the input mate. Very good value and common sense. Now I just have one request. Please download HSFX 6.0.16 and get into the battle! We could need your expertise, flying skills and marksmanship.
And most of all, it's FUN.

We seem to run in to 2 types of engagements.
1.Level altitude head on
2.Above the enemy with 2000+ meters advantage.

1. The first engagement is in my opinion just like a 2 v 2. We need to bracket the enemy and end up with two 2 v 2 fights. I know of 3 ways to attack. 1.Normal pincer(bracket),2. One pair brackets and the other flies head-on, 3. Hook which is one pair offsets(hooks) left or right and lead-turns in for a stern attack and the other flies head on and then brackets when closer. These need some practice.

2.The second engagement requires loosing altitude until we are within 500-1000 meters above and use alternating attacks by each pair just as Mikke explained. Or just have each pair operate interdependently and maintain their E advantage doing Boom&Zoom.

Sounds simple in theory, but not as easy in practice.

There is one more scenario. After we have attacked and are low. New bandits enter and have an energy advantage.
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