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Joint Ops Virtual Flying School

Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 8: Exam

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I passed :-)
I passed with flying colors.
"Mr. V614FE_Starfire was present for session 3C.
His wingman tactics test went off very well along with the last bogey intrusion. Mr. Hunter, Thor,and Hog were present to help Mr. Starfire with his 3C mission, completeing it the first time. His flight leader skills are very good in such a short time.
Mr. Starfire has completed all requirements for BFS and graduates with Outstanding student award as well. Mr. Painless and I really enjoyed our class with Mr. Starfire. He is an excellent student and pilot and we look forward to him joining J-O next month as an active member.
Instructor: Painless, Funflak

I must admit that I was quite nervous. But it all came together.
Hindsight is always 20/20. There were still a lot I think I could improve; Especially during the last test were I was to lead a coordinated attack with six player, yours truly included.
To many parameters was unknown to me, including the skill of my fellow wing-men. To long I have been spoiled flying with people I know. It took me a while to get back to my command voice, which took me a while to get used to
Its been too long since I have used it last. I had no recon of the target area, no location of it and no intel on the opposition. I did however manage to pry out some about the flak and targets.
In the end we did mange to find the target area and obtain the objectives. In the process I lost one wing-man to flak, but I managed to get them to form up after the attack and get everybody home.

It have been a great time and I have enjoyed it a lot. Being back to school have been a great joy for me. I wish I had known them when I started flying IL-2, It would have saved me a lot of grief.
As a seasoned virtual combat pilots this course still present some challenges. The biggest challenges have been to be open to new ideas and accept that I was no longer in control. JO's Basic Flight School (BFS) also introduces some civil aviation habits, like TO and landing pattern terms, pattern speeds and altitude and basics that I think is missing in most virtual pilots in EAF (Apollo not included).
The BFS does in many ways server as our trainee time with T/O's in OTU. It makes sure that the pupil is up to speed and on the same page as the rest attending their courses. People new to flying will learn a lot, while seasoned pilots me will be aligned with the program and hopefully like me learning some new tricks.

So If any of you feel like doing something different and wants to learn the basics then Join-Ops Virtual Flying Shcool might be something for you. I endorse them fully

I have decided that I want to continue taking courses.
Future courses are nowhere as extensive and time consuming as Basic Flight School so I have no qualms of signing up in a month or two for the next. Right now I need thing so settle .
The TS server needs my final touch, our medal system needs to be updated (lucky for me Joe is doing the biggest part), we have a SEOW to run and OTU needs a helping hand as well

Cheers mates

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  1. EAF602 Red's Avatar
    Well done that man

    Starfires on the bell....a whiskey for me please
  2. Apollo_EAF331's Avatar
    Well done Mr Starfire! Welcome back to normal squadlife. I'm looking forward to a debrief of how they teach and if we can use some of this in our training. It sounds to me like we could.