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Joint Ops Virtual Flying School

Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 6: Formation flying...for the fun of it

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Hi Guys

It seems that their sessions are structured like this:
  1. Theory with slideshow or Test
  2. Practicing landing, Comms and Bogie Defence
  3. Introduction of new flight maneuvers

Before today's session I found out that the instructors write a small evaluation about every sessions. It seems that they think I am doing fine

The theory for today was about formation flying. Mr. Funflak spoke about what effects formation flying; Like induced drag aka radiator flaps.
He also spoke on how to control the airspeed with throttle and side-slipping.
After that he spoke about comms for flying in formation. As he went through the material he made sure that I had understood the lesson.
Mr. Funflak is a very good teacher. He is always calm with a bit of humor in his voice. I think he really loves to teach.

After practicing the normal procedures, my instructor had invited two other and more experienced students to participate in the formation flying.
This was divided into two parts. On the first part he would lead the flight from a formation TO to a formation landing.
After landing I was supposed to lead us back

Most of us know the procedures, so it shouldent be a problem.....It just happens that Mr. Funflak's wheel brake button got stuck after he called release on my mark...mark
Both yours truly and Mr. BooRaTif manage to step on the breaks and side-slip (putting a lot of stress on the gear) stopping within a few centimeters of the instructors aircraft. Unfortunately for me, my wing-man Mrs. Lily was not so fortunate It all came without warning. All the warning I got was a call: "Oh no..."
and before I knew what had happen my aircraft jumped around onto its nose ripping the 1/3 of my right wing
My instructor was not so proud, but he managed it well. I think it is hard to get him off balance and he was fast in calming the rest of us down and getting on.

We took of in formation and after TO he told us to tighten the formation so we would be within 8m of one another
There were no accidents but my palms were pretty sweaty after each flight.
Looking at the replay I get a nasty suspicion that my time and training within EAF have made me better at formation flying than I thought. I think my problem is that my peers are pretty good at it
My leading back to Caen airfields was alright, but I made the mistake of overshooting the flightpath, so I had to S-turn the whole formation in. My last commands were also a bit late, but everybody got down well without accidents...although we had another close call,

I have uploaded the replay to my folder on the FTP under //joint-Ops/Records
Remember that it requires UP3RC4.

Monday will be more formation flying with emphasis on combat. I have also said yes to an extra test to gain an extra ribbon for my graduation honors

But I will get to you on that
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  1. Apollo_EAF331's Avatar
    8m separation! Very close. Don't know if I've ever done that.
  2. Starfire_EAF331's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo_EAF331
    8m separation! Very close. Don't know if I've ever done that.
    Not for so long. Both you, Stuntman, Jimmi and Mram have been creeping up close during training or combat, but I have always asked you to back off because I was scared of a mid-air collision