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  1. Cpt. Eric "Winkle" Brown

    Thanks for the aditional info Baz.
    He should have been knighted!

    Quote Originally Posted by EAF19_Baz View Post
    Thanks for the "heads up" Charlie. I just noticed this on the BBC website; very sad.

    Not to spoil the video Charlie has linked to...(spoiler alert!)

    Having read several of his books over the Christmas period, I to was wondering why he hadn't been knighted. Quite apart from the contribution he made to the war effort, defining the performance limits of many new allied aircraft,
  2. Debrief training Mar 15

    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo_EAF331 View Post
    Good turn out yesterday, thanks gents.

    The recording of our first Zero vs Hellact DF is uploaded to the EAF Wiki.
    EAFwiki/Tracks/Apollo tracks.

    It's a large file, but it shows some very good teamwork by the Hellcats using fluid four initially and then converting to gaggle doctrine with mutual support by presence

    More to come on:

    1. Anti shipping mission.
    Observations:I recommend attacking fast ships from the Bow(front) aiming
  3. [Offensive BFM] Corner speed and 1/2 circle fight

    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo_EAF331 View Post
    (Edit by Nepe: this series of posts have been edited and moved from the [Training Schedule] thread, so they are not forgotten.)

    I would like to introduce "CORNER SPEED" into your skill set. perhaps all of you do this already, but I have done some testing with our aircraft and here are my findings.

    F6F3/5: Vcorner 210-230 KIAS/Vsust 150-160 KIAS
    F4F3/4: Vcor 200-230 KIAS/Vsus 160 KIAS
    P51D: Vcor 270-290 MPH/Vsus 180 MPH

  4. How to attack with 4 aircraft(Division)

    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo_EAF331 View Post
    Thanks for all the input mate. Very good value and common sense. Now I just have one request. Please download HSFX 6.0.16 and get into the battle! We could need your expertise, flying skills and marksmanship.
    And most of all, it's FUN.

    We seem to run in to 2 types of engagements.
    1.Level altitude head on
    2.Above the enemy with 2000+ meters advantage.

    1. The first engagement is in my opinion just like a 2 v 2. We need
  5. Saying goodbye to an era

    Yesterday I went the cellar to get the packing box for my Cougar. I have realized that my modified Cougar just doesn’t cut it as reserve for my Warthog so it was time to put it away for long time storage in the safe enviroment of its original packing.
    As I pulling the box out of my cellar room it felt a little heavy. It suddenly dawned on me that my old Thrustmaster Digital F22 and TQS was inside

    In 1995 Thrustmaster ...

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