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  1. Turn Performance

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    Any turn has two characteristics: Turn Radius and Turn Rate.

    Turn Radius: the radius of the circle you are flying in.
    Turn Rate: how fast you are moving in your turn circle.

    We want the maximum turn rate with the minimum turn radius. Both depends only on speed and G's (for a given altitude and weight)

    In short, as your speed increases also does your turn rate, until you reach the limits of the plane (or the pilot): the max G's you can pull. This speed
  2. FXAA helps sort out the colours for CoD

  3. EAF contest: take it up man, take it up!!

    English a little below.

    Aereo: Hurrycane mkIb 12lbs 1940. 60% fuel

    mappa a scelta, ma bisogna sorvolare il mare.

    registrare la track
    trimmare l'aereo per il volo livellato
    Controllare l'altitudine di partenza
    effettuare una virata brusca a dx o a sx (break turn) tanto brusca da entrare in stallo.
    recuperare lo stallo.

    il concorrente che recupera lo stallo senza schiantarsi partendo

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  4. Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 8: Exam

    I passed :-)
    I passed with flying colors.
    "Mr. V614FE_Starfire was present for session 3C.
    His wingman tactics test went off very well along with the last bogey intrusion. Mr. Hunter, Thor,and Hog were present to help Mr. Starfire with his 3C mission, completeing it the first time. His flight leader skills are very good in such a short time.
    Mr. Starfire has completed all requirements for BFS and graduates with Outstanding student award as well. Mr.

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  5. Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 7: ATC, Wingman Tactics and mud moving

    Ill be a bit short today as I have some reallife commitments, but I won't cheat you

    On yesterdays menu was wingman tactics, my Air Tracffic Control test and an introduction to mud moving.
    As usual we went over an online power-point show.
    The stuff was a lot easier to understand in theory than in practice. In this session I unfortunately managed to try the Patience of one of my instructors and it shows how difficult it can be for an old dog like me to forget what he ...
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