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Joint Ops Virtual Flying School

This blog is about my enrollment into Joint-Ops Virtual Flying School

  1. Saying goodbye to an era

    Yesterday I went the cellar to get the packing box for my Cougar. I have realized that my modified Cougar just doesn’t cut it as reserve for my Warthog so it was time to put it away for long time storage in the safe enviroment of its original packing.
    As I pulling the box out of my cellar room it felt a little heavy. It suddenly dawned on me that my old Thrustmaster Digital F22 and TQS was inside

    In 1995 Thrustmaster ...

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  2. Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 8: Exam

    I passed :-)
    I passed with flying colors.
    "Mr. V614FE_Starfire was present for session 3C.
    His wingman tactics test went off very well along with the last bogey intrusion. Mr. Hunter, Thor,and Hog were present to help Mr. Starfire with his 3C mission, completeing it the first time. His flight leader skills are very good in such a short time.
    Mr. Starfire has completed all requirements for BFS and graduates with Outstanding student award as well. Mr.

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  3. Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 7: ATC, Wingman Tactics and mud moving

    Ill be a bit short today as I have some reallife commitments, but I won't cheat you

    On yesterdays menu was wingman tactics, my Air Tracffic Control test and an introduction to mud moving.
    As usual we went over an online power-point show.
    The stuff was a lot easier to understand in theory than in practice. In this session I unfortunately managed to try the Patience of one of my instructors and it shows how difficult it can be for an old dog like me to forget what he ...
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  4. Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 6: Formation flying...for the fun of it

    Hi Guys

    It seems that their sessions are structured like this:
    1. Theory with slideshow or Test
    2. Practicing landing, Comms and Bogie Defence
    3. Introduction of new flight maneuvers

    Before today's session I found out that the instructors write a small evaluation about every sessions. It seems that they think I am doing fine

    The theory for today was about formation flying. Mr. Funflak spoke about what effects formation flying; ...
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  5. Joint Ops Virtual Flying school - Part 4 & 5: Tests, Bogie Attacks and navigation

    yarn! I am tired.

    I just finished two bad weather night navigation flights. The first one was mandatory, but since I did well and we had plenty of time Mr. FunFlak asked if I was game
    Guess what...
    It is hard to resist flying at night with clouds at less than 1000m, lightning striking the ground all around you; With rain hitting your windscreen

    As part of the exercise I had to do the usual comm with the tower while doing a touch ...
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