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  1. Turn Performance

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    Any turn has two characteristics: Turn Radius and Turn Rate.

    Turn Radius: the radius of the circle you are flying in.
    Turn Rate: how fast you are moving in your turn circle.

    We want the maximum turn rate with the minimum turn radius. Both depends only on speed and G's (for a given altitude and weight)

    In short, as your speed increases also does your turn rate, until you reach the limits of the plane (or the pilot): the max G's you can pull. This speed
  2. EAF contest: take it up man, take it up!!

    English a little below.

    Aereo: Hurrycane mkIb 12lbs 1940. 60% fuel

    mappa a scelta, ma bisogna sorvolare il mare.

    registrare la track
    trimmare l'aereo per il volo livellato
    Controllare l'altitudine di partenza
    effettuare una virata brusca a dx o a sx (break turn) tanto brusca da entrare in stallo.
    recuperare lo stallo.

    il concorrente che recupera lo stallo senza schiantarsi partendo

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  3. This one for Blitz: modeling links

  4. F4U-1 Revell 1:32

    I bought this one many, many years ago. It's a model a that needs lots of work and scratch, and I never felt up to the task. Now I'm barely able to do it, so it's time to start. It will be months, probably years until I finish it, if ever.

    Inspiration works:

    Task ...

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  5. F4U-1 resources


    Cockpit painting: Modelling, Detailing, Painting, Weathering WWII Aircraft, vol.III (Verlinden)

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